Latest property transfers and building permits

Newest property transfers and constructing permits

Property transfers

Deborah F. Peters to Daniel Carroll and Sarah Baumgardner. Lot 16, part 2, Lamont Acres, $197,175

Andrew J. and Rachel H. Roberts to Donald L. and Jeanine D. Belsterling. Lot 49, part 3, Homewood Estates, $523,500

Getting Land LLC to Mark T. Bobsin. Lot 6, Powell Tract, $39,250

Nicholas Bowen to Conner J. and Natalie D. Cornwell. Lot 1, part 1, Working Cedar, $281,000

Michael J. Cunningham to Robert L. Tinsley. 268 North Coolwell Highway, $72,000

Satya and Purnima Narayan to Landon Lee Kekoa and Gabrielle E. Fielder. Two parcels, Ragland Highway, $179,900

Lewis W. Harker to Molly Marie Frank. Lot 12, Lakeview Subdivision, $188,000

Persons are additionally studying…

Melvin Thomas to Arianna D. and Joshua Burton. 8015 Oakville Highway, $310,000

Jeremy Lucas and Breanna N. Vinson to Scott D. and Kristen B. Garnett. Lot 5A, Mountain Minimize Highway, $280,000

Jamerson Actual Property Inc. to Koda Building LLC. Lot 19, North Avenue Subdivision, $25,000

Phillip C. and Terry H. Jamerson to Lisa Okay. and Jack V. Ramsey Jr. Parcel, 33.28 acres, Pumping Station Highway, $165,000

John Randolph Dixon and Diana Dixon O’Connell to Corey Caron. Tons 53-57, Or-Lea Hills Subdivision, $45,000

Gloria J. and Jack McDaniels Jr. to Stephen and Emily Ann Kloter. Lot 11, Comfortable Acres Subdivision, $645,000

TCI Utilities Providers Inc. to Roland W. and Veronica L. Brunson. Lot 6 and seven, part 1, Colonial Heights, $271,000

Diane D. Merritt Updike to David Eugene and Cathy Ann Honaker. 4033 Smith Mountain Lake Parkway and adjoining parcel, $200,000

Jamie Overstreet and Kaleb Johnson to Shannon L. Simmons. 9879 Dickerson Mill Highway, $40,000

Johnnie Ray Dempsey to Jason Lee and Meagan Martin. Lot 5, block 2, Hillandale Property, $251,000

Sarah F. Glannon to Jerrilynn Kay Value. 1487 Helmsdale Drive, $385,900

Mark Fitchett to Wesley M. and Rhonda Okay. Dellinger. Lot 32, part 2, Village East, $10,000

Jedi Building LLC to Signe Dee Steele and Jacquelyn M. Larue. 3001 Bells Mill Highway, $329,900

Signe Steele to Shawn Belden Hayes and Heather Bianca Hayes Hatter. Unit 201, section II, Lakeside Manor, $215,000

R. Thomas Seaside to John Leonidas Tidball VI and Havana Okay. Tidball. 2163 McGhee St., $160,000

Mohamad Bazazan to Cutlass Highway Moneta LLC. Lot 14, part 3, Pirates Cove, $310,000

Joanne Okay. Lineberry, William Granville Key, David Owen Key, Jonathan W. Key, Laurie Patterson and Brenda Underwood to April Woods. 1109 Granville Lane, $182,500

Jeremy M. and Kasharah C. Garrett to James M. and Victoria Okay. Marcouillier. Lot 15, part 7, Farmington at Forest, $650,000

Dennis Marlow to Matthew R. Hemenez and Josefina Hemenez. Tract 6, Vacation Farms, $16,500

Anthony R. and Jennifer M. Arrigo to Dana H. Tuck. Lot 33, part II, Governors Hill, $237,900

Evelyn Virginia Tolley to Durward Thomas and Enza Steele. 717 Industrial Ave., $75,000

Logan J. Cunningham and John Okay. Cunningham to Demitrius S. Pedraza, Danielle Levitt and Robin Harwell. Lot 18, part 2, Yukon Subdivision, $315,000

Jack Spencer Blankenship and Bonnie Anne Blankenship to Charles Anderson. 1449 Belmont Drive and extra parcel, $259,000

Residents Financial institution & Belief Firm to Hess and Allen Properties LLC. Two parcels off of Albert’s Approach, $330,000

Sundance Design & Construct LLC to Daniel P. and Angelia Yerrington. Tons 1 and a couple of, part 2, Farmington at Forest, $760,000

Brian and Tracey M. Anderson to Joseph J. and Constance M. Dalessio. Lot 10, section I, Mariner’s Run, $320,000

Hudson Builders Inc. to Jennifer Leigh Cooper. Lot 25, Bradford Crossing, $609,900

Brenton W. Fortenberry to Cynthia W. Reynolds. Lot 39, part 2, Ashwood Townhomes, $220,000

Frank C. Crist Jr. to Jennifer Ann and Melvin Hinton Jr. New lot 49, Lake Forest, $600,000

Carolyn M. Creasy to Heather Meadows. 1060 Ferret Drive, $60,000

Douglas Wayne Davis Jr. and Rachel Saunders David to Matthew J. and Melissa S. Dean. Lot 23, Candlestick Park, $515,000

Dana H. Tuck to Patricia W. Clary. 1102 Twin Springs Courtroom, $170,000

Blue Ridge Builders of Virginia LLC to Veronica Aguirre. 11365 Leeville Highway, $317,000

Deanne Could Ayers to Kathryn P. Salvigsen. Lot 12, Edgemont Subdivision, $229,000

H&S Holdings Properties LLC to Ronald Eugene Coleman Jr. and Brenda Fitch Coleman. 760 Collins Ferry Highway, $319,900

Jason Okay. Lovern to Darek J. Powell, David L. Powell and Krista Okay. Powell. Lot 1, block 2, Briar-Cliff, $167,000

Wanda L. Bowles to Everett J. Sparrow. 2709 City Fork Highway, $150,000

Michael Schwed and Valentina Schwed to David Elder. Parcel, off Wickliffe Highway, $88,490

Sandra D. Owens to Christopher Luke and Heather Nicole Perdieu. Tons 4-7, Lynch’s Station, $227,000

Chase C. Armstrong, Jerry T. Armstrong and Jennifer L. Armstrong to Mad Shacks LLC. 34 Cape Charles Sq., $179,000

Patricia A. Dalton to Emily Okay. and Cole V. Laing. 253 Winebarger Circle, $161,000

Nat Howard Reasor Jr. and Maureen D. Reasor to David R. and Tonya R. Gearhart. Lot 129, North Quadrant, $365,000

Anne J. Lombardi to Regan W. and Gerald A. Sayres. Lot 13, Emberly Approach Subdivision, $384,900

Denkaye Two LLC to Stephen Acree, trustee. 1010, 1018 and 1019 Knight St. and 1914 Giles St., $400,002

Audrey Louise Davis Alexander to Vernon T. Davis. 911 Tolleys Lane, $75,000

Edwin F. Baldwin to Conner Evans and Miranda Anderson-Kenney. 4909 Sycamore Place, $180,000

Tiffany Marie Rice and Christopher Todd Cordle to Mary M. Arnstrong and Christopher M. Armstrong. 632 Thomas Highway, $165,000

Premier Investments Group LLC to Mary M. and Christopher M. Armstrong. 2133 Broadway St., $185,000

Janice Joyner Fleming to Nancy N. Ashworth. Lot 2, part 1, Bennington Luxurious Townhome Village, $369,900

Thomas J. Carr to Ethan T. Baker. 100 Riverview Ave., $4,300

Edwin F. Baldwin to JTS Holdings LLC and Sarah R. Thomas. 4907 Sycamore Place, $180,000

Beasley Disposal & Recycle Methods LLC. To SAC Virginia Holdings LLC. Lot 29, Tyree’s Addition, $200,000

Blue Willow Funding s LLC to Revised Properties LLC. 211 Blue Ridge St., $189,900

Buscher Enterprises LLC to Bootstrap Properties LLC. 1109 Knight St., $62,500

CMD Traders LLC to Bootstrap Properties LLC. 702 Dinwiddie St., $145,000

Mark N. and Amber S. Haskew to Regan and Sarah Brooks. 1309 Cherokee Ave., $197,000

Jane M. Rigney-Trent to Ansley G. Brown III and Jennifer L. Brown. 409 Trent’s Ferry Highway, $532,500

Jason C. Burger and Gail A. Hamilton to Nicholas J. Lonce and Mayden E. McDaniel. 1315 Fort Manor Drive, $200,000

Tanner J. and Rebecca B. Burns to Virginia Episcopal Faculty. Lot 1, part 1, Chipokim, $424,000

Sara J. Peterson to Levi A. Bushnell. Lot 154, Stuart Heights, $155,000

Piedmont Group Well being Plan Inc. to Centra Well being Inc. Tons 17-19, part 3, Tate Springs Farm, $1,400,000

DBI Capital Group LLC to NVR Inc. Tons 21A and 21B, part 2, The Townes at Locust Thicket Subdivision, $77,500

Michael D. and Whitney L. Palombo to Lance Edward and Catherine Jean Darragh. Lot 8, block 1, Oaklawn Addition, $324,900

Michael L. Dillard to Forest Views LLC. 1131 Hendricks Ave., 204 McIvor St. and 817 Taylor St., $211,500

James R. Downs and Amy E. Downs to PJVA Properties LLC. Lot 4, amended section 1, Aaron Commons Townhomes, $186,000

Wauneta E. Montague and Shad A. Montague to Emily and Donnie Flournoy II. Tons 21 and 22, block 14, Golf Park, $180,250

Walter G. Mason II to Timothy and Sarah Gosnell. Lot 4, part 6, Irvington Park, $420,000

Larry P. Haag and Evelyn S. Haag to Nathan S. Schweikart. 1808 and 1810 Lakeside Drive, $250,000

Sandra A. and James G. Wilen Jr. to Ryan Hayes. 106 Phillips Circle, $197,700

JRF Leases LLC to Truhunt Funding Properties LLC. Lot 65, part 1, Countryplace Townhomes, $84,500

Jean Capital LLC to Jennifer and Jeremy Shane Williams. 1416 Buchanan St., $137,750

Marvetta Morgan Jones to Tinsley’s Properties Inc. 2106 Craig St., $52,000

Marc Weldon Woodell to Mario Ley. 4905 Carver St., $229,000

James D. Wagner to Lindonn Associates LLC. 1115 Tolley’s Lane, $25,000

James D. and Diane L. Looney to DRV Building LLC. Tons 36 and 37 and half of lot 35, part B, Perkins Park, $83,000

Frank T. and Danielle Viall to Sean Tyler and Emily Nicole Silby Thomas. Lot 6, block 8, Radcliffe, $147,000

Corey H. White and Shannon T. White to Michael Stansbury and David Thomas Stanbury Jr. Lot 42, part 7, New Towne, $299,900

Randy Lee Willis and Wendy Parsons Willis to Kemp Leon and Michelle Dyan Teague. New Lot Q6, block Q, Cornerstone, $350,000

Constructing permits

Campbell County Metropolis of Lynchburg, 15104 Wards Highway, airport hangar, $4,100,000

SSS Storage LLC, 4430 Waterlick Highway, signal, $75,000

Foster Building Inc., lot 16, Bridge Tree Courtroom, new dwelling, $475,000

George Wynn Jr., 95 Granite Lane, generator, $11,823

Robert Watson Sr., 580 Rhonda Highway, addition, $15,000

India Stump, lot 16, Wheeler Highway, new dwelling, $487,800

Watts Brothers LLC, lot 4, Hawkins, new dwelling, $325,000

Kyle Garnett, 1376 Timberlake Drive, new dwelling, $300,000

MWB Properties LLC, 332 Jefferson Manor Drive, alterations, $14,000

Camden Village LLC, Leesville Highway, new 54 unit dwelling, $3,000,000

Camden Village LLC, Leesville Highway, new 54 unit dwelling, $3,000,000

Winlove Properties LLC, lot 54, Heather Drive, new dwelling, $315,000

MMCS Properties LLC, 4024 Wards Highway, pole barn, $100,000

David Spradlin, 3323 Mt. Ethereal Highway, new dwelling, $498,862

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