Your proper to know_ Newest property transfers and constructing permits

Property transfers

Amherst County

William Marshall and Jill Flickinger Brown to Karen L. and Raymond C. Anderson. Parcel, Va. 652, 2.616 acres, $175,000

James Benton Moore III, trustee to Larry D. and Carole C. Saunders. Lot 12B, part 1, Homewood Manor and much 1-8, a part of Riverside, $375,000

D. Adam Coffman and Kelley Jolin to Cody and Heather J. Walker. Tract 4, part 22, Amherst Plantation, $42,500

Rui and Serena Liu to Sharon V. Ponton. Lot 8, Nice Ridge Estates, $396,500

Paul Steverson and Betty Mayberry Miller to Benjamin J. Novick and Christina T. Pelli. 144 Scotts Mansion Highway, $255,000

Appomattox County Fred H. Jones Property LLC to Augusta Clark Development LLC. Lot 71, part II, and lot 21, part I, Jonesfields Subdivision, $44,000

Curtis Wiley McCormick Jr. and Rebecca E. McCormick to William T. and Zina M. Blackwell. 751 Tanglewood Highway, $130,000

C&S Land Holdings LLC to Thomas A. Wilson. Lot 4, Promise Land Highway, $22,250

C&S Land Holdings LLC to Roy M. and Julie A. Wilson. Lot 1, Promise Land Highway, $22,250

Bedford County

Daryll Ellison to Empire Capital LLC. Lot 3, part 1, Valleywood Townhomes, $120,000

William J. McClain to Stefan Gabler and Laura E. Rendon. Unit E2e, section II, The Pointe at Mariner’s Touchdown, $137,000

Robert A. Lemon Jr. and Tamara E. Lemon to Donald R. Maddox Jr. and Debra H. Maddox. Unit 7, Jefferson Oaks Townhomes, $287,500

James Guthrie and Emily Guthrie to Erik Alejandro Veliz. Lot 9, part 19, Farmington at Forest, $314,900

Ivalace LLC to James M. Manns. Lot 41, section 1, Grandview Course, $439,900

FCHB Inc. to Hunter Christian Hawkins. Lot 19, Wenwood, $188,000

Martha J. Hunter Albert to Stevens Chapel LLC. Parcel, Stevens Chapel Highway, $275,000

Oakwood Villas Retirement Houses LLC to Lorraine Schneider. Lot 18A, section II-C, Oakwood Villas, $359,000

Mark S. and Sandra Jean Fitchett to Randall and Robin Quay. Lot 36, Waterford, $140,000

Clifford L. Kirkpatrick to Christi M. Barnett. 1225 Jefferson Oaks Court docket, unit 53, $270,000

Wallace D. Mitchell to Shawn E. Lachance and Brittney Woods. 1275 White Home Highway, $180,000

William Joshua Taylor and Meghan Erin Epperly to Justus P. and Christian Suchan. Heaps 11 and 12, part 5, Fairfields Subdivision, $466,000

Bedot Enterprises LLC to Ernest and Barbara Stevenson. Lot 17, section I, Mariner’s Run, $22,000

Arlene Adele Ramos to Brent Wayne and Starr Raeleen Ossman. Lot 53, Summerfield, $375,500

Fairness Enterprises 1984 LLC to Scott Thomas and Carrie Lynn Redgate. Lot 9, part 2, Somerset Meadows, $619,000

Charles M. and Carol O. Clarkson to Christopher M. and Martha J. Drerup. Parcel 13, part IV, Lakewood Subdivision, $70,000

Roger L. Crouch Sr. and Rita Lynch to Cynthia C. Tyus. 6842 West Lynchburg Salem Turnpike, $175,000

Campbell County

Accusearch Integrated to Marbel M. and Lillian R. Milina. Lot 5, part 2, Walton Farms Subdivision, $34,900

Robert C. Jordan to Ahmad Rasheed and Samia Ahmadzai. 721 Doss Highway, $219,900

Sandra Rosemary Taylor to Christian Shae Atnip. 230 Deer Path, $263,000

Vickie Johnson Carter to William Perdue. Parcel, close to Va. 651 and Va. 652, 1.35 acres, $40,000

Mary Ruth Carwile and Brenda G. Carwile to RB Actual Property LLC. Parcel I, 161.34 acres Lewis Ford Highway. Parcel II, 77.94 acres, Three Creeks Highway. Parcel III, 7.773 acres off of Lewis Ford Highway. Parcel IV, 2.25 acres off Three Creeks Highway. Parcel V, 9 acres, off Lewis Ford Highway. Parcel VI, 85.9 acres, Va. 648. Parcel VII, 1.9 acres, Lewis Ford Highway, $750,000

Donald W. Vaden and Evelyn B. Vaden to Darel R. and Wendi H. Clark. 523 Previous Pocket Highway, $500,000

Leonard Ok. Coleman and Michelle D. Coleman to Angela E. Tucker. 709 thirteenth St., $47,000

Jack F. Cordier and Julie B. Cordier to John and Lissette Puentes. Lot 61, part III, Sunnymeade Acres, $370,000

Marcia L. Dalton and Lynn Lagarelli Little to Barry E. and Cheryl C. Corridor and Austin B. Corridor. 4568 Dearborn Highway, $60,000

David L. Simms and Patricia A. Simms to John S. Dodson Jr. 58 Clydesdale Drive, $95,000

Fairness Enterprises 1984 LLC to Ellen J. and James J. Eustace. Lot 34, part I, Trent’s Touchdown, $550,000

Metropolis of Lynchburg

Religion Ruth Perry to Devyn Anthony. 413 Stafford St., $190,000

Tammie M. Barbour to Jasmine Miller-Dixon. 1118 fifth St., $75,000

Jacob R. and Alyssa F. Sibcy to Beesix Properties LLC. 147 Holmes Circle, $173,500

Deborah Kay B. Mitchell, Kathy B. Tolley, Karen Lynn Brooks Waters and Thomas Kevin Brooks to Sundance Design & Construct LLC. 532 and 536 Leesville Highway, $714,000

Robert A. Mullen Sr. and Anne A. Mullen to Katelyn A. Byrd. Lot 15, part I, The Parks at Wyndhurst Subdivision, $425,000

Lisa B. Rosenfield to John Z. Guzlowski and Linda T. Calendrillo and Lillian C. Guzlowski. 3720 Woodside Ave., $465,000

Horizon Behavioral Well being to MSRC TWO LLC. 618, 620 and 707 Court docket St., $2,500,000

JC Enterprise Methods LLC to Bobbi Lee Chester. Heaps 10-12, block C, Westwood Addition, $140,000

Jennifer ClarkSheaves and Jeffrey Alan Clark to Like to Chaos LLC. Lot 4, block J, Forest Townhouses, $84,000

Betty Cooper Enochs to Melvyn Malik Crutchfield. Lot 9, part 4, Richland Hills, $235,000

Fairness Belief Firm Custodian to Sarah B. Sydnor. 225 Woodson Lane and 213 Denver Ave., $250,000

Jack Nasser to Ricky Hugh and Jenee Davis. 2212 Rivermont Ave., $335,000

Robert William Easter to WBW Investments LLC. Lot 17, part 1, Vista Acres, $9,500

Pearson Properties LLC to Empire Capital LLC. 700, 706 and 716 Dunbar Drive, $245,000

Lucy G. Ross to Robynne C. Garrard. Heaps 3 and 4, block B, Oakmont Park, $115,000

P&N Snidow LLC to Jonathan David Goering and Rebekah Ann Lovin. Heaps 11-13 and 23, block I, Barksdale Place, $205,000

Greystone Hills LLC to Rebecca L. and Keiler W. Mynter. 308 Langhorne Lane, $249,000

Tiffany L. Higginbotham to Sunshine BLVD Group LLC. Lot 14, part 3, Windsor Hills, $230,000

Owen D. and Dianne R. Stevens to Anne H. Howerton. 204 Warren Ave., $213,000

Janice J. Jennings to Charles E. Snee III and Janet C. Snee. Unit 3, Carriage Sq. Condominium, $350,000

Mark Lee Sizemore, James Rubin Sizemore, Beverly Sizemore Wright to Gregory Matthew Kopack. Constructing 2, unit 103, The Parkside Grande at Cornerstone Condominium, $219,900

NVR Inc. to Sandra Wagner. Lot 24B, part 2, The Townes at Locust Thicket Subdivision, $268,080

West Tradewynd Properties LLC to Paris Creek LLC. Unit 103, constructing 5, The Gables at Cornerstone Condominium, $198,000

R. Fralin Development Inc. to James E. and Mimi H. Voelker and Susan G. Shaffer. Lot 23, Legacy Oaks, $400,354

John Rendemonti to West on Primary LLC, 2600 Memorial Avenue LLI. 1222 Primary St., $800,000

Chaz B. Wade, Eric Ray Wade and Jared L. Wade to Shoshanna Leases LLC. Heaps 41-45, block E, Mountain View Addition, $155,000

Tilden LLC to VAD Properties LLC. 1901 Cleveland Ave., $169,900

Logan A. Woodall and Kirsten G. Woodall to Maverick Jake and Cierra Nicole Topper. Lot 23 and 24, Brenleigh Grove Subdivision, $310,000

Constructing Permits

Bedford County

Sagar Patel, 1819 Colby Drive, addition, $80,000

R. Fralin Development Inc., 118 Boonsboro Meadows Drive, $198,000

TSC Houses LLC, 115 Oak Hole Highway, storage, $80,000

Erik Fox, 614 Forest Garden Drive, three automobile storage, $200,000

Shamrock Development Enterprises Inc., 1216 Lindenshire Drive, new dwelling, $250,000

R. Moorefield Development Co., 1204 Maclaren Place, new dwelling, $700,000

TPB Enterprises LLC, 1085 Brandon Court docket, new dwelling, $365,000

R. Lee Saunders, Perrowville Highway, renovating home, $50,000

Jonathan Burhman, 1379 Farmington Drive, residential alterations, $1,800

John Malloy, 131 Piccadilly Court docket, patrial basement transform, $34,635

Samuel Crosby, lot 61, Waterside, new dwelling, $340,000

Matthew Maybee, Key Largo Blvd., new dwelling, $899,000